Mary Spinato

Ultrasound Technician
photo of Mary Spinato

Mary Spinato, Ultrasound Tech

Our in-house Ultrasound Tech, Mary Spinato, is responsible for operating equipment that produces and records images, as well as conducts tests. A keen eye is required to distinguish between normal and abnormal images and to then provide that information to Dr. Landry. With over 40 years experience, Mary never tires of showing new parents their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Joseph, she and her husband have two daughters, Julie (34) and Kaylyn (27). Mary appreciates sharing her time off with her family and three grandchildren, Sophia, Jude and Margaret. Although she loves traveling to the beach in Destin, Mary’s bucket list includes making her way to New York City soon where she can proudly wear her Saints flair and support her favorite sports team!