Peaches Wilson

Medical Assistant
photo of Peaches Wilson

Peaches Wilson, Medical Assistant

Peaches Wilson, Medical Assistant, dreamt of helping others by becoming a nurse since she was a child. Her dream was realized in 2001. Nicknamed “Peaches and Cream”, she and Sandy Vick, work seamlessly together to ensure patients receive quality care. Peaches says she absolutely adores her boss and coworkers, revealing she works with the coolest people.

Peaches enjoys spending time with her husband, Shane, and her growing family, which includes a son, three daughters and a granddaughter. When not at work, her passion for family means she is squeezing in every bit of time she can with her husband and the kids. Peaches chosen Superpower? She’d choose the ability to be in two places at once. That way she would be able to spend more time with her family while working a job she loves!